Having Paris Hilton by her side during her birthday celebrations must have got Britney craving for a bit of familiarity - she only started hounding the K to the Fed to join the party... A source told the New York Post: "She begged him to come out with her. Kevin reminded her that one of them needed to be a parent and take care of the boys (whom he has full custody of). Then she hung up on him. Kevin said she was drinking." *gasps* NO?! Meanwhile, Britney was almost replaced in her music video for new single 'Pieces of Me'. Jive Records were left furious after the troubled singer failed to turn up for the shoot, and threatened to give the $500,000 set to new singer Samantha Jade to use for her own video. A Jive Records insider said: "Britney was supposed to shoot a video for her song 'Pieces of Me' last week. Jive hired Wayne Isham to direct, had all the dancers there - hair, make-up and everything. But she refused to come. Jive was really upset. "They were going to use it for another Jive artist, Samantha Jade, because it was too expensive to just scrap. But Britney finally showed up 12 hours late when she realised a new, younger, hotter girl would take her slot." It's all about the hot, young things after your slots.