There's rumours floating around claiming Britney's blanking Jamie Lynne for not telling her about her pregnancy, and then there's the following floater: "Petit Tresor is designing the nursery for Jamie Lynn's baby in Kentwood, Louisiana. It has an ocean theme, and is going to have organic bedding and baby blankets. Britney is picking up the tab. So far she's spent more than $30,000 on it - she's sparing no expense. She also ordered a custom made, six-foot tall elephant with a blue bow which she wants to sit in the middle of the nursery." So much for her enforced allowance of $1,500 a week... maybe she's in cahoots with some questionable millionaire... like Dubai's Sheeraz Hazan, for example. The founder has reportedly offered to give Britney a mere $4million to dance for him. Not just any ole jig, mind - he wants a reenactment of her 'I'm A Slave 4 You' snake dance. He said: "I'm going to take Paris Hilton to Dubai - the sheikh said any amount of money she wants is fine - and next I'm going to take Britney. She can have her own island. Everything Britney does is news - Britney pumps gas, Britney forgets to put milk in her coffee." A source close to this circus threw their two cents in, saying: "Money is no object when it comes to Britney. They will look after her and make sure she returns to her father and LA home safely. But she is an independent woman, so if she is prepared to sneak over to Dubai without her dad knowing, they are happy to help her do that." Hang on... "Britney" lurking behind the safety of her massive glasses while nailing that How I Met Your Mother cameo...?! Meanwhile the real Britney's undulating around Dubai under the weight of a snake bikini!