Wow, you'd NEVER know Britney had hired Madonna's choreographer, Jamie King, to help her bust out a few moves during her comeback tour…  And, if The Sun is to be believed (let's overlook the miniscule matter of them saying Rihanna was 24 in the same sentence that they mentioned her recent 21st), her people also decided to go with Kylie's tour director. If you thought that might've given the proceedings a touch of finesse, best give the pictures of her opening night in New Orleans a miss.

Let's see now, we've got a circus ringleader. That's to be expected, and it's demure enough. We won't read into the hand gesture; if Jamie chooses to ignore it so shall we. Oh, now we've got Britney in a cage, which is also kind've apt. OK, not sure where the bent cop comes into it, but I'm sure it's relevant. No idea what's happening here but I'm not really into it. Hmmmm, maybe she's impersonating a motorbike or something. Uummm. Oooooh look, something bondage related, why wouldn't you want to swing on two blokes bent backwards, that's fun for all the family! This is kind've cute, shame it descends into this, and, of course, where would any female performer be without pole dancing in her underwear... or squatting in a picture frame.

It's worth repeating that the amount of clothes on display is usually comparable to the amount of talent (she reportedly mimed the entire set and didn't communicate with the audience except to say "Thank you New Orleans for coming out tonight, I love you." But, hey, we'll leave her off considering she had a breakdown approximately a year ago).

Her set list comes courtesy of The Sun:
Act 1: CIRCUS: Circus (Funky Remix); Piece Of Me; Radar 
Act 2: HOUSE OF FUN: Ooh Ooh Baby/Hot As Ice; Boys; If U Seek Amy; Me Against The Music
Act 3: FREAKSHOW/PEEPSHOW: Freakshow; Get Naked; Breathe On Me/Touch Of My Hand
Act 4: ELECTRO CIRC: Do Something; I'm A Slave 4 U; Toxic; Baby One More Time (Remix)