The star of 'Captain Marvel' wants to show the world her true self, and hopes that her wholesome YouTube channel is the perfect way to do so.

The Brie Larson YouTube channel is seen by the actor as a way of portraying her real self across to audiences who have had a skewed perception of her up until now. You see, Larson got some heat around the time of her solo Marvel effort dropping last year, as some Marvel fans thought she didn't have enough personality or expression - and maybe this is where the idea came from.

The 20-minute promotional video for what's to come in her YouTube series shows clips of who the actor will be interviewing, and what topics she will be covering as she gets advice from real-life people - including her very own mother and a sweet cameo from her grandmother.

Here's a look at what we can expect from the feel-good Brie Larson YouTube channel, which already has 110k subscribers after just one video.

The next time we see Larson on our screens in her next Marvel adventure is still some time away, unfortunately. Due to Disney's seismic shift of their Marvel Cinematic Universe earlier this year, all of their movies have been kicked further down the line. Scarlett Johansson's 'Black Widow', which was originally due to release in April, has been pushed back to November, which had a knock-on effect to all of the other Marvel movies after that.

Larson's 'Captain Marvel 2' is a full two years away. With a release date of July 2022, it is set to mark the beginning of Marvel's Phase Five.