Brie Larson may have won an Oscar for her incredible performance in 2015 film Room but the actress reveals her career has been far from smooth sailing.

In an interview with Hot Press, Larson admitted that she came very close to walking away from acting for good because she was so sick of all the rejections she was getting.

"I threw in the towel a lot. A lot! I couldn’t take the ‘no’s over and over," she revealed.

"I was acting since I was seven years old and a reoccurring problem I used to have was never fitting the mould of what they were after. I was never fully right, I was never that desired package, I wasn’t pretty enough, I wasn’t plain enough, and I found myself so many times, getting so close and hitting that wall."

Larson said that she did three independent films at one point which, while they were "the most amazing experiences", she "didn’t get paid a cent" for them.

"I didn’t have anything to my name," she said. "And that happened a few times where I would find myself down to the last dollar, backed up against a wall, ready to quit and the next day, something would come up and I would be saved. This wasn’t even that long ago."

Brie Larson also insisted though that the job has never been about money or fame: "I never ever wanted to work on something for the money and that got me into trouble."