Now there's a ringing endorsement for something that really should stay in the noughties. Especially when Paul Feig is the absconding director in question. He's the man responsible for making one of the (few) runaway hits from the past year - Bridesmaids. The film that fiinally let the world know that women can be pretty f***ing debased - much like Pulling did years ago, but Sharon Horgan never got the mass credit for it, unlike Judd 'Lucky Star' Apatow.

According to, he developed the most recent draft of the script, but parted ways with the project because "both sides agreed that it didn't work out." He probably wanted to make it funny.

Universal Pictures and Working Title Films are now on the hunt for a replacement to start work in January and are after someone from the UK. The film series' stars Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant are all set to reprise their roles. 'Cause everyone has to retire someday.