So, Westlife have added two extra dates to their farewell greatest hits tour (#longestgoodbyeevah). That's two more dates that Mr. English Tea won't be crooning alongside them.

Today's Irish Sun reports that Brian "Real to me" McFadden "begged the group to take him back for a Take That-style reunion on their farewell tour."

Unofficially official mouthpiece Kian 'today's music is a bit samey-samey' Egan said: "He said to me in L.A. recently, 'Would we not do something together?' and I said 'Brian, why would we, man? You can't come back in when you want to'... Would we bring him back, Robbie style, for our last ever show? If he was as big as Robbie, maybe, but he's not. At the end of the day, he still left. We've had to make such a big decision to bring the biggest thing in our lives to an end, and it's the four of us who have kept it together."

Then Nicky threw in his two cents: "Brian was the Robbie of the group but that had bever bothered us until we were at an awards show in Dublin and Kerry Katona had just won I'm a Celebrity and all the questions at the press conference were to Brian about Kerry. Things started to go pear shaped after that. Brian featured on the Greatest Hits album though, we're not blanking the guy."

Fans of Wetlife will be happy to learn that they can pour over an extended version of this interview tomorrow in The Sun. Form an orderly queue.