Before we all start visualising Roz Purcell and Nadia Forde wrestling with each other while Bressie does some stretches in his running tights (I was in the crowd at Ray D'Arcy's Half Million Half Marathon, so the stretches in running tights part actually happened before my very peepers and is something I'll happily replay on the death bed, and indeed every time Bressie is mentioned in the meantime) - Niall The Voice Breslin did inspire Nadia Forde to write her new single, but not in a rozemantic way.

Before we go any further, for those not up to speed at the back; Nadia Forde is a proper singer now (she's got a TV show about it and everything, it starts on Wednesday on 3e at 9pm), and Roz Purcell and Bressie have been seeing each other for yonks.

Cannonball 2013 at Mondello Race Track. One of the few photos where Tubs wasn't blocking Roz and Nadia's face with his furious flag waving.

Speaking of how Bressie was the reason behind her single, Nads said: "It’s actually kind of a funny story how I wrote it. The day that we were going into the song-writing session, we knew that they wanted an up-tempo. I was sitting on my way in, I was on Twitter and I actually follow a Voice of Ireland judge (that being Bressie) and he was ranting about how every song in the charts has 'dance', 'body', 'hot', all these, you know, typical lyrics, so I decided to write a song with every single one of the lyrics he had in that tweet. So I did and I repeated them over and over and over again. So that’s basically how BPM came around. It was a really funny session. I think that in the charts at the moment there’s music that is all about enjoying yourself and that’s what BPM is all about. It’s a fun party track and it’s contagious, I love it."

The video sounds equally cerebral...

"The theme of the video, I actually can’t believe I’m actually talking about this right now! The theme of the video is me getting ready on a night out and kind of you think it’s during the day time but it’s actually at night. It’s just fun, it’s glamorous, it’s you know an amazing venue. There’s a lot of dancing, a lot of hip shaking and hair flipping and it was just a really cool day. It was a long day but really, really fun and exciting and I can’t wait for everyone to see the video."

Screw the video, I can't wait to hear the song. Sounds amazing. I'm sure Bressie can't wait to get his maulers on it either.