A woman‘s breakup letter to her cheating boyfriend has spread across the internet like wildfire since it was posted on imgur on Friday, racking up more than 1.2 million views.

She discovered that the mystery man known only as "Honey" had been cheating on her with Kelsi (godammit Kelsi you homewrecker!) after he left his facebook open on her computer and then she penned this brilliantly subdued breakup note. Littered with love hearts and exclamation marks, this lady really manages to keep her cool as she informs him that she's hidden his clothes, videogames, laptop and TV in a variety of locations, that were meaningful to their relationship: "Where we first met!", "Where we first kissed!"

Fair play to her for keeping such a level head... although what's the bets her bin is full of crumpled up expletive filled notes?

In other break-ups-going-viral-on-the-internet news, here's a shot from google maps, which has supposedly captured the moment when a woman was thrown out of her house:

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