So focused on Jennifer Aniston's pending nuptials to Justin Theroux - will they/won't they/where will it be/can we get an invite? - it's safe to say our jaws took a collective dive for the floor to see it reported that Jen, former wife of Brad Pitt, America's Sweetheart, has an actual bun in her oven. PREGGERS!

The news comes from a trusty source over at US Weekly. We're not quite sure how far along she is, but we're guessing it's in and around a few months given that she'd hardly let it slip while she's inside that 3 month window of time where you're supposed to keep entirely schtum. Which means when I interviewed Jen last month for We're The Millers, she was more than likely up the Hillary. Which means I've already been in the same room as her unborn child. Weeeeeird. 

Anyhoo, not to lose our shit entirely (and get sent a restraining order from Jen's peeps), 44 year old Jen is said to be "thrilled beyond belief" at the news. It'll also be nice for her not to have to endure all of the 'don't you worry, it'll happen some day, Jen!' looks and patronising comments that she's suffered ever since Angelina Jolie got involved with Brad.

It'll be a while yet before Jen and Justin come out with this in public. “She is scared of having a miscarriage, given her age, so they are not saying anything until she is six months along,” an insider tells Us Weekly.

And now for the barrage of inevitable questions: Boy/girl? Name? Pre wedding/post wedding? Wedding dress fit for a bump? And, let's not fool ourselves, we'll all definitely be wondering what Brad Pitt'll have to say. It could have been you, Brad, it could have been you!