Looks like there's a reason Kanye didn't give a crap his new album leaked online yesterday, because his baby mamma Kim was about to pop their sprog!

According to reports, Kim Kardashian gave birth to baby girl Kimye (not her actual name, but the affectionate one everyone is using until we find out) early this morning in the private Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Yeezy was there during the entire time to support her, abandoning his own record release party for Yeezus.

According to CelebBuzz's source: Kanye was supposed to be at a listening session last night and cancelled 15 minutes ahead. It was an abrupt cancellation, and some members of his team said they didn't know until 10 minutes before [the session started].

'Scott [Disick] was supposed to stay and join Brett Easton Ellis who was also at the event for the clip they did to promote Kanye's album - which spoofs American Psycho. But he bounced fairly quickly with all his friends – and was texting furiously at the event.'

Apparently Kim was feeling 'a bit off' before being rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section at around 1.30am. Mother and baby are said to be doing well.

Congrats to the new family! Now for the waiting game over the hallowed name. If it turns out to actually be Kimye, well, that would be pretty hilarious.