Alright, we're not saying that we'd find this funny at all if it was our own house - but as stories go, it's pretty amusing to an innocent bystander.

The owners of the house used in Breaking Bad as the exterior of Walter White and his family's home have been forced to erect a fence, because fans insist on paying tribute to the show in an exasperating way.

You may remember the famous scene where Walt comes home with a very large pizza, only to find that his wife Skyler won't open the door because she's just found out that he's a meth dealer - so exasperated, he throws it on the roof.

Fans have been doing just that at the Albuquerque house - as well as stealing rocks from their garden as mementos and generally being hostile to the people who live there - and it's gotten so out of hand that a 6-foot fence has been deemed necessary to keep fans away. 

Owner Joanna Quintana said that the house had become so famous amongst fans of the show that there could be 'hundreds' of visitors in a single weekend. "We feel like we can’t leave because when we do, something happens and that’s ridiculous," she said.