We know that this is going to be hard to believe for those of you who have been following his career trajectory, but Adriano is returning to Europe, as a professional footballer. 

When he first burst on to the scene, Adriano Leite Ribeiro had absolutely everything: incredible strength, ridiculous pace, an unstoppable shot and a bag of tricks that would make your eyes fall out of your head.

Sadly, he probably never truly showed the peak of his abilities thanks to a number of problems in his personal life, but despite being unable to hold down a club in Brazil, he has managed to get himself a move back to European football.  

As confirmed by his agent Claudio Luiz Menezes to Sambafoot.com, he will join Ligue 2 side Le Havre FC later this year after the two sides held talks in Rio recently. "My client wants to play football again. We received other proposals, we thought [about them]. We are interested in French football, we see this as an opportunity, we would go perhaps 5-6 months". 

The project is to get the side back in to Ligue 1, and if Adriano is even able to show glimpses of his former self he could definitely help. However, the stats would not be in his favour, and after having problems with several clubs in Brazil, he has only managed to actually get on the pitch for a handful of games (The Guardian claim just three) since 2012. 

That's quite a sad note to end on, so instead here's a compilation of O Imperador absolutely bossing it. He had some left foot...

Via Sambafoot and The Guardian