So the yoga instructor is out, and this Playboy model who's been trying to make it as an actress for the best part of a decade is in. Makes sense. Particularly when you see the string of people she's done the reverse piggyback with in her attempts to crack Hollywood.

First off, she let  David Hasselhoff "romance her" for over a year in 2010.

Prior to that, she's tolerated Jared Leto (so would I, to be fair - if he didn't open his yapper to speak), Lee Ryan off Blue and - wait for it - Simply Red's Mick Hucknall.

According to The Sun, Russell was introduced to the budding actress at a charity fundraiser in Los Angeles on Sunday - the likes of which she's been attending rigorously since she's spent more than five years in the city trying to make it on the silver screen.

A source said: "Anouska is determined to be a success in Hollywood. She's a fiercely ambitious girl." That translates as "will do anything or - clearly - anyone to be a success in Hollywood. She has no soul."

To date, she's had a small part in the 2004 film remake of Alfie, and the British socialite also signed up to a Channel 4 reality show called California Dreaming... Wowsers. 

An insider shared: "Anouska is a good match for Russell as she's got a fiery personality. It won't be too difficult for her dealing with the limelight. She had a pretty serious relationship with The Hoff a couple of years ago. They were together for almost a year, which in LA is a big deal."
Her full name's Anouska de Georgiou. Can't imagine you'll need to clear out any precious retentive brain space for that one.