Russell Brand has spoken about living with a squad of US marines, in an effort to toughen himself up. While on the David Letterman Show, the comedian spoke about how he bunkered down with marine soldiers for a weekend but, he failed to fit in, moaning at every turn about what they had him do.

As the US talk show host David Letterman showed a photo of him posing with two armed soldiers in southern California, Brand said: "That's the US Marine Corps, sir! I love the Marines. I respect them and can't believe what heroic deeds they do and the way they live. I went to live with them for 48 hours to see what it would be like."

Letterman asked: "How was the training?" Brand replied: "I wish I could say I did rather well. But it was compromising. I slept in a dorm with 70 of them. I know this because just before bed each has to shout out their name, or number. Then, they woke me up at 3.30 in the morning to go on a 10km hike, bearing 70 lbs of luggage in a big backpack. A lot of the stuff in it, you didn't even need. Three sleeping bags but, there's only one of me."

Brand, 34, was filmed for the experience, so we can all look forward to that really soon, woop!

-Alicia Coyle