Apparently 'professional crotch hugger' is a career choice - and you get to meet famous people, which is a bonus.

Indeed 25-year-old crotch hugger/TV reporter, Vitalii Sediuk, has struck again. The American Hustle star became the latest victim of the Ukranian at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in LA on Saturday, when the practical joker got a little too personal with Bradley's nether-regions.

As the 39-year-old hunk walked the red carpet, Vitalii seized the moment by wrapping his arms around the actor's waist and planted his face firmly in his genital area. An embarrassed Bradley tried fervently to free himself from the known jokester's clutches as fellow Hollywood stars Mandy Patinkin (off Princess Bride and Homeland) and Michael Pena (American Hustle) attempted to help him. Eventually, Vitalii relented and rose to his feet of his own accord.

It's not the first time the 25-year-old Ukrainian has hit the headlines for his celebrity antics. In 2012, he was slapped in the face by A-list actor Will Smith after planting a kiss on his cheek at the Moscow premiere of Men in Black III

And just last year, the TV prankster raised security questions when he managed to sneak into the Grammy Awards without a ticket and Adam Levine's unused seat. Vitalii later made his way to the stage and attempted to interrupt singer Adele as she collected the award for Best Pop Solo Performance from presenter Jennifer Lopez.

The intruder tried to claim the award as his own but was quickly ushered away by Jennifer. She probably wanted to offer him a record deal for a quick crotch hug.