Would you look who's a Brad, Brad boy (sorry, couldn't help it)? Not only is a lover of the ladies, turns out he's a lover of the British ladies. And we all know the Irish accent trumps the British, so ladies, get in line.

Having spent the night chatting to newly single Gemma Arteron and danced the night away with Alice Eve at the BAFTAs (below) on Sunday, Bradley brought model Suki Waterhouse (and her ridiculous pants suit) back to his hotel on Monday night after the Elle Style Awards (where he 'won' Best Actor, which we all know was just a ploy to get Bradley Cooper to be in the room). Only problem? Suki is sort of dating Miles Kane of The Last Shadow Puppets. Awkward.

Now apparently Bradley's been on the tear since landing in London on Friday last, following his split from Zoe Saldana, so he's more than likely just *ahem* blowing off steam. Now they're saying nothing happened and that Bradley was just giving her a lift back to her hotel, but why then have Bradley get out, the taxi do a loop and then Suki get out? Sounds like something to hide no?

Some soul apparently also in attendance at the Elle Style Awards told The Sun 'Bradley clearly wasn’t a fan of the early finish at the Elle party,  but they both seemed keen to take the do elsewhere. Not sure what type of party it will have been with the two of them at 1am, though'. Our thoughts exactly 'source'. Although if you were in Suki's shoes, could you say no?