Maybe it's just because awards season this year feels like a foregone conclusion in a lot of categories, but this year's Screen Actors Guild Awards were less about the awards and more about backstage drama.

Specifically, how Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were circling each other all night and what came of it. Jennifer Aniston picked up the Actor (that's what the statue is called at the SAGs) for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for her work on Apple's 'The Morning Show', while Brad picked up an Actor for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role in 'Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood'.

Of course, when both won their respective awards, the cameras were trained on both of them to catch their reactions. Brad Pitt, who was backstage when Aniston her award, stopped everything and went to a TV screen to watch his ex-wife deliver her speech for her first-ever individual SAG Award.

Here's footage of Pitt watching Aniston's speech backstage.

Meanwhile, Aniston watched Pitt's speech from her table and, again, sure enough, there was a camera trained on Aniston's reaction during it. Here's a quick screenshot pulled from Twitter.

The part that caught most people's attention, however, was a photo set of Pitt and Aniston meeting after the awards had ended, with both of them seemingly in good spirits and enjoying a laugh. Here's that photo set. We'll wait for you to pore over every conceivable detail before we move on.

Now, maybe it's just us or something, but is this a case of simply people seeing what they want to see in this scenario? A possible Jen and Brad reunion, or some kind of realisation by Brad that he messed things up when he left her for Angelina Jolie?

Probably. It could also just be that it's two people who were married once and had a lot of love for each other simply being there for the other and maintaining that relationship. Sure, it's the boring answer and everyone wants to believe that they're getting back together, but maybe it's just two exs who have moved on and are happy for each other, no?

Here's a few tweets on the whole situation.