To be fair, the whole thing happened during a silent auction put on by Sean Penn to help raise money for Haiti - so it's all for a good cause.

What's more, Pitt was actually outbid by someone to tune of $40,000. The bidding for the whole thing kicked off at $20,000, but the offers quickly ratcheted up to $80,000 - and when Harrington offered to sit on the episode viewing, the bidding went up to $120,000 with Pitt's bids.

In the end, the winning bid of $160,000 was made by another patron at the event, but Variety's report doesn't say who. The report, however, states that close to $3,000,000 was raised by the halfway point. Other times up for bid included a painting by abstract artist Josh Smith, which ended up being won by both Leonardo DiCaprio and Emilia Clarke.


Via Variety