If you are unfortunate enough to remember Furbys, you know they were terrifying balls of cheap fur and plastic that made incessant amounts of noise and demanded far too much attention for what they were worth. And we all thought they were far more advanced than they were, with the US government banning the toys from its National Security Agency offices due to their ability to record and repeat sound.

Well they're getting a hi-tech 21st century makeover, just in time to ruin your Christmas and haunt your dreams. Now with freakishly expressive and shifty LED eyes, extra motors and motion sensors that enable to move and respond more and interactivity via mobile phone apps, the tiny terrors are more advanced than ever. The new and improved Furby also has it's own 'personality' with "every unpredictable action and reaction' helping "make each Furby seem unique." There's a statement to strike fear in your heart.

At least the Furby website gives us an answer on how to stop them.

Kill them with FIRE water.