Sure what better way to brighten up a Tuesday than by hearing the weather is going to pick up massively over the next few days. Or y’know, if it doesn't, we can blame it on the weatherman (... try get that song out of you head).

The fine folk at Met Eireann are saying that the sun is coming out on Thursday and temperatures of 20C will be reached. OH YES! We can almost hear the skobes whipping their tops off in anticipation.

Spokesman Harm Luijkx (no we’re not making that name up) said "After our recent spell of low pressure, there are strong signals that a period of high pressure is building.”

He added, "The sun will continue on Friday, with temperatures in the high teens. It won't be quite as hot as Thursday but there will be dry sunny spells for most of the day."

While being Irish there’s a lot to be said for lowered expectations, this is pretty damn welcome news. We can’t wait to slap the factor 50 on and.... go to work.


Via The Daily Mirror