Sun you say? On a bank holiday weekend? Praise Jesus (literally, we guess?).

But before you go dusting down the barbeque, running down to the shop to buy some sunscreen and whip off your top to bask in the sun's rays, this isn't summer arriving yet. What we will have is less grim wetness, which in Ireland is always cause for celebration when there are three and a bit days off in a row.

According to Met Éireann, our recent spell of damp and cold weather will be taking the long weekend off too, as an area of high pressure comes sailing in to keep the country cosy and dry starting tomorrow and continuing throughout the weekend and into next week. Heavy showers across the country tonight will give way to mostly clear and sunny conditions tomorrow, with temperatures remaining cool enough on Friday and getting colder at night. Saturday, Sunday and Monday are then set to see more clear, sunny spells with temperatures reaching as high as 16°C in a few lucky places, with the nights remaining quite cold with frosts and freezing conditions in places.

So feel free to whip the shades out, but just don't go walking around in shorts and flip-flops, unless you want to be that person (who will probably catch a cold).