Mr. George said he reckons David Bowie would never have got through The X Factor as only bland acts win the show. The 50-year-old, who used to be a member of band Culture Club, kiddies, said he believes the show is only interested in mainstream acts and admitted he doesn't think Bowie would have got through the rounds if the show existed when Ziggy played guitar.

George moaned to The Sun: "You have got the audiences dictating the art form which is dreadful. Imagine what would have happened to David Bowie if he'd gone on The X Factor. They would have said 'lose the cape, honey' and 'the ginger hair isn't going to work!'."

Essentially, the Boy is spot on (apart from the "ginger hair" bit). X Factor winners aren't exactly groundbreaking legends in the making, but he's mainly just pissed off he wasn't picked to be on the judging panel. Back in February, when rumours were circulating regarding his possible post, he said: "I would be great but I'm not sure if they could handle me."

Well, the rent boy you handcuffed to your radiator during a lengthy drugs binge couldn't handle you, so you've probably got a point.