Duncan Jones posted a bittersweet tweet last night, highlighting that it's been a month since his dad died, and that he's due to become a father himself in June.

Imagine the mixed feelings (understatement) of all involved at Christmas. It's an emotional time regardless, but to learn you're about to become a first time grandfather to a child you're not going to meet is heartbreaking.  

Jones married his wife, Rodene, back in 2012 after she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was given the all clear in October 2013, "just six months before Bowie was diagnosed."

Like Duncan sums up in his tweet - 'Circle of life.' It just keeps on going, despite whether your parents are still around to support you during the most transformative time of your life. 

Meanwhile, Bowie's wife - Iman - has shared some words one month on with this Instagram post.