It's been a tough start to the season for Jurgen Klopp's side, and despite hitting the highs of the Champions League final and league glory in the last few years, they now sit bottom of the Bundesliga as we head towards the winter break. 

That's a fall from grace if ever there was one, and while it's difficult to say exactly what's gone wrong, there are probably too many reasons to list here that would explain it. Suffice to say, the players aren't feeling too great about the results either, and after another loss on the weekend to Frankfurt, they decided that they wanted to interact with the fans and thank them for their constant support during such a difficult moment. 

So, during the club's Christmas party, they got behind the bar and started pulling pints for all those in attendance. The event took place on Tuesday evening with representatives from all the fan clubs, and around 1,000 people in total were in the stadium to get their pints from their favourite players. 

Although it's a nice gesture and a way to get closer to the fans, things might still come to a head (sorry) if results don't pick up.

Pics via Borussia Dortmund