We don't normally weigh in too much with our own personal opinions when it comes to various political parties and political leaders - well, you may be aware of our feelings on Trump - but we've no qualms in saying that Boris Johnson is a bit of a twat, and that's probably putting it lightly. We're pretty sure our discerning Irish readers feel the same way.

Naturally, when Boris Johnson pushed and pushed and pushed for #Brexit and then turned around to announce just this week that, actually, he doesn't quite fancy the idea of running for Prime Minister, people were more than a little bit ticked off (none more than Ewan McGregor, mind).

Now, not only has Mr. Johnson to contend with the fact that he's pissed off the majority of the country, but also with the fact that Game of Thrones' Queen Cersei is none too impressed.

She followed suit with McGregor, making her feelings on Johnson known with just one tweet.

Oh, Boris.

Meanwhile, Katie Hopkins thinks the EU's days are coming to an end.