Apparently bears are pretty common in some parts of Florida (we thought it was mostly alligators and dolphins but go figure), but there's one in particular that seems to have developed quite the thirst and has been ransacking homes at night in search of booze.

According to Gawker, homeowners in Lake Mary, Florida have been on the lookout for a furry intruder after something (more than likely this bear) tore into their pool area and left nothing but an empty fridge, beer cans with holes poked in them and open bottles of cocktail mixer on the floor.

Tom Carbone got these evidentiary photos from the mother of a friend whose house was chosen as a target, and who decided to wait up for the intruder Tuesday night and lo and behold, turn up he did.


Apparently the bear beelined straight to the mini-fridge full of beer by the pool until it noticed her taking photos, at which point it slapped its hand on the glass door separating them, at which point she retreated because this beer baron clearly meant business.

The strangest thing? Once the mother returned later on, nothing had been taken. So clearly not only does this bear like to booze, he also gets The Fear.

Via Gawker