To clarify, I don't like the bob. Or, come to think of it, the new face the bob is framing (more on that imminently). However, Bertney will obviously be thrilled to hear her new undies range is nothing short of inspired, as was the choice of Edele Lynch to peddle it to the Irish nation. Not the obvious choice, granted, but refreshing - especially given she's had 3 kids.

Now, to the new doo. Britney's just been through a breakup, so the mandatory thing to do is chop off the locks. It's the more permanent version of Mitzi Gaynor's ex-boyfriend hair solutions.

And it's not as if this is the first time Britney's had a bob. It is, however, the first time Britney's brought the bob to her latest reincarnation of her face. Yikes.

Bertney, Bertney, Bertney, what have you done? At first glance the initial reaction was "Wow, that's a big SAAAWKER MAWM." But, upon closer inspection, there appears to be a bit more going on.

I know she's extended her Las Vegas residency, but her commitment didn't have to extend to resembling someone who's lived on The Strip for decades.

What's about to be typed next is in rather poor taste - but I can't help but feeling that spirit of Joan Rivers has floated into Britney. This wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing - apart from the fact that this woman is ONLY 32.

Celeb Hair Alert: Bobs, and their lesser known cousins - the 'Lob', 'Plob', 'Shob' and 'Frob'