In a recent Daily Telegraph article, he said: "Sydney 1993 was a low point in our long career: the only time one of us didn't turn up for a concert. Adam Clayton probably hasn't forgiven himself until this tour (naughty Adam). Australia forgave us that and other indulgences. Among them my sanctimony. I know I can be a pain in the a**e. I have an annoying gene; it's in my DNA. I even annoy myself. When righteous anger turns to self-righteous, projectile vomit is the right response. All I can say is that you can become traumatised as well as inspired by the lives you meet along the dirt road of extreme poverty."

And then he went back to being annoying: "Sometimes I forget that I'm an artist - but I shouldn't, because that's what I am, a working pop artist in a big F-Off rock band."

You see, that shouldn't be annoying, him saying he's an artist in a big F-Off rock band, but it is. Why? Because we're Irish. You can be good, but not too good, and never aware of the fact that you're good, never mind openly talk about the fact that you know you're good, sweet Jesus that's the kiss of death right there.

If Bono's annoying gene really irks the living sh*te out of you, then - for the umpteenth time - just remember who our biggest exports would be without him (apart from Rory Gallagher, who's a god). Westlife. Louis Walsh. Enya. Riverdance. Daniel O'Donnell. The Corrs... Feel better? Thought you might.

In more slightly annoying Bono news; their flight home last night diverted to Shannon. So they just booked out the whole of Dromoland Castle.