Yesterday was a particularly eventful day involving sights I'll never get used to...

First, Santa appeared on the roof of the castle in the middle of the village. Then there was Bono lurking in the corner of my local with his bowl making friend Guggi (David McWilliams was there too, and a load of Neil Jordan hangers on, but they always pale in comparison to Bono in Paul mode - no sunglasses, not in his heels, etc).

Then we arrived home to see Enda Kenny's frigid clasped fingers address the nation ("Raising children and growing old in Ireland, they're goals I want people to meet". Um, they're more eventualities than goals, Enda, not everyone can afford the air fare to Australia. And, is it me, or does anyone else constantly see a bonnet on his head? And sometimes a tea dress?), meanwhile, on Channel 4, Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror was being broadcast. What timing.

Still trying to figure out which sight was most jarring. Bono not in Bono mode; Enda informing us all that it's not our fault, but we'll have to endure another nasty budget, oh and 23,000 people will find themselves jobless by 2015 regardless; or the mental image of the British Prime Minister having intercourse with a pig for over an hour while being broadcast live on national television - all in the name of art.

Help me decide, will you? If you've not seen Black Mirror, watch it on 4oD and get back to me, cheers.