Remember that massive Bollywood movie that took over landmarks in the capital last year, including flipping over a Luas tram and a flashmob in Trinity's front square? Well the star of that, Salman Khan, who is a bit of a big deal in the world of Bollywood, is facing homicide charges of up to ten years in prison after he allegedly drove his care into a Mumbai bakery in 2002, killing a homeless person.

The case went to the courts back in 2006 where Khan's lawyers had the charges changed from 'culpable homicide' to 'causing death by negligence', but now after all the evidence has come to light in the much delayed trial, the more serious charge is back on the table. Khan is a hugely popular and successful actor. He has often been described as a "bad boy" heart-throb, similar to Colin Farrell back in the day. Khan has been ordered to appear in court on March 11th.