In what would be the biggest signing of the summer for one Bolivian club, it seems that they've managed to sign the president.

On the day that Ryan Giggs has decided to hang up the boots, Bolivian president Evo Morales is taking the opposite approach and proving that you're never too old by signing with a football team in his home country. 

According to the BBC, the team is called Sport Boys Warnes,and they're based in the south-eastern province of Santa Cruz. President Morales won't be playing in all their games, of course, with him having a pretty busy schedule, but the first-division side will get about 20 minutes out of him in the average game. 

The President of Sports Boys Mario Cronenbold said that he will wear the number ten shirt and that "we'll send him a list of matches and he'll chose which ones to play in". 

Morales is no stranger to the pitch, often playing in high-profile matches for charity or to raise awareness around a certain issue, and Edwin Tupa, a spokesperson for Movimiento de Afirmacion Social or MAS, the ruling party, said it was a dream come true for the president, and that he would be fit and ready to play when called upon. 

The 54-year-old will receive the minimum salary from the club of around 1480 Bolvianos (around €156), and while it is clearly a marketing stunt, Cronenbold added that Morales "has a good touch and a great shot". 

Via The BBC