19-year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown has got engaged to Nick Gordon - for love... and for the purposes of Reality TV.

The aspiring actress surprised her dismayed family with the news in a preview from her upcoming reality show Houstons: On Our Own, nervously telling them: "We're engaged!"

Nick was informally adopted by Whitney when he was 12 and the pair were raised as brother and sister. They were "always close" growing up but their relationship changed as they got older and they sought comfort in each other after Whitney's death in February and then started living like a couple in Atlanta.

The reality series will follow the pair and other family members - Whitney's brother Gary, sister-in-law (and the singer's former manager) Patricia Houston and Bobbi's grandmother Cissy Houston - have coped with life since the tragic passing of the I Will Always Love You.

Cissy recently publicly announced her concern for her 19-year-old granddaughter Bobbi if she inherits the multi-million dollar inheritance left to her by her mother.

Cissy fears the teenager will be corrupted by the "negative influences" in her life if she gets the cash, but "it would seem that Bobbi Kristina is out to cause drama within her family."

Of course she is - a) she's still a teenager, b) her mother's recently died and her father's a bit bats, and c) she has to provide story lines for her reality TV show.

Bobbi Kristina adds in the show's promo "They wanna see us fail. I've got one thing to say, 'You won't!'"

For the purposes of reality TV, we probably will.