Throughout the '80s and '90s, Bob Ross became one of the most beloved painters and television personalities.

His calming, whisper-like voice and top-tier afro became synonymous with late night television and, in recent years, has seen a resurgence in interest because, well, the Internet.

Twitch, the livestreaming platform usually associated with gaming, has launched a new service that will see users able to livestream their creative endeavours - be it painting, music, whatever.

To celebrate the launch, Twitch has been livestreaming Bob Ross' popular TV series, The Joy of Painting, for the past few days and basically everyone loves it.

Here's a little snifter to get you in the mood for some happy little mountains.

Yeah, it's basically like calming therapy and he's just the nicest person ever. It's easy to see why the Internet loves him.

Already, 620,000 have watched the stream so far with almost 50,000 logging on at any given time to hear Bob Ross talk and watch him paint.

Twitchers, it would seem, are taking to Bob's creations. Alongside the video is a live-chat with people posting 'GG' when Bob finishes a painting. GG is gamerspeak, if that's a word, for Good Game.

The Internet is a strange and beautiful place. Happy little trees, folks. Just paint some happy little trees.