It's hard to not feel a bit sorry for Blake Fielder-Civil. Basically cast as the villain in every scenario revolving around his relationship with Amy Winehouse, he's forever tarnished with the brand 'heroin addict' and associated with her downfall into addiction which can't be the most pleasant of experiences. So you'd think he'd be doing his best to stay away from the limelight and the subject of Winehouse altogether and just concentrate with getting on with his life post-prison and coma. But no, instead he's taken to Jeremy Kyle in some sort of martyr quest and milking his connection to fame once again.

Between announcing that Winehouse wanted to get back together with him, and that he was the one who he believes introduced Amy to heroin, Blake tried to rile up as much sympathy as possible with a series of sob stories about their relationship, one of which involved ghost text messages. 'When I got discharged from prison there were texts messages on my phone that I'd not seen for about 16 months before I died and the messages were from Amy. They were under the nickname that I gave her, Jim...' he told Kyle, adding 'There was one about being a godmother to Jack. We'd sort of spoken in the previous weeks about it and we had one emotional phone call where we'd sort of said, 'Are we thinking of maybe getting back together at some point?' '

The reformed drug addict accepts he was responsible for introducing her to the drug and he believes the first time she tried heroin it sent her on a destructive path.

Recalling the night Amy smoked the substance for the first time, Blake said: 'I'd taken it about three or four times, we were in a hotel in east London and I think I had about £10 of heroin with me, which is something I used to do after a club. I was smoking it on foil and she said, 'Can I try some?' I think I might have put up a weak resistance, the fact is whatever I said she did end up having some.'

When asked by host Jeremy if that moment was the crossroads of the musician's life, he replied: 'Well, yeah.' If this is an attempt at repentance, it doesn't seem that convincing now does it? At least he isn't wearing Amy's face on his clothes though.