Aaand suddenly it's 2008 again... Actually, the last time Blakey burdened the columns was when he hooked up with a teenage Winehouse impersonator of the male persuasion back in January 2010. Now he's been done for burglary and possession of a firearm. Lord, an actual firearm. He's really has reached grave levels of desperation.

WENN reports: "The 32 year old was held by officers in Leeds, England this week (beg28Feb11) after cops stopped a vehicle and allegedly discovered stolen items and a weapon. Fielder-Civil and another man were arrested and taken to a police station in the city. They were charged with burglary of a dwelling and possessing a firearm, and were due to appear at Leeds Magistrates Court on Wednesday (02Mar11)."

And now, according to The Sun, he's been nicked proper: "Amy Winehouse's ex-husband was behind bars last night after being arrested - allegedly with an imitation handgun (aaah, that would make more sense. Next thing they'll be saying it's a pump action BB gun) and £4,000 worth of stolen property. Police swooped on a hired Vauxhall Corsa with fake number plates and found Blake Fielder-Civil with another man. And when they searched the motor they allegedly found a gas powered BB gun (close enough) and stolen electrical goods and jewellery in the boot. Gaunt looking Fielder-Civil, 28, and co-accused Christopher Sylvester, 29 appeared before a district judge at Leeds Magistrates Court yesterday after being quizzed by cops. The pair are charged with burgling an unoccupied premises in Rawdon, Leeds, escaping with a £4,000 haul - after gaining entry through a smashed window. They also face charges of possessing a fake firearm and fraudulent use of a vehicle."

Here's the worst bit: "Dressed in a grey jumper and navy tracksuit bottoms, he was supported yesterday by his pregnant new partner Sarah Aspin, 32, from Leeds who sat in the public gallery." Correction, it does get jus a little bit worse: "Fielder-Civil, who looked out at his partner, who he met in rehab, throughout the 15-minute hearing, mouthed 'I love you' as he was led down, while she watched him with tears in her eyes."

Naw, It's almost romantic, ain't it, if it weren't so overwhelmingly pathetic.