David Blaine is still looking for attention / under the illusion that we care what he does to himself / presumably single. Oh, I'm sorry, you do care? In which case you'll be saddened to hear he's postponed his latest stunt because it's the most "physically demanding yet" and might "leave him brain damaged." What will he be doing? Staying awake for 13 days. Whether he'll be doing that perched on a very tall pole or in a smelly Perspex box over the Hudson, we don't know. All we do know is it'll be happening in New York in July or August ('cause the heat doesn't put you to sleep), oh and that he's doing the following to prepare: "This one demands a lot out of me. I run 13 miles a week around Central Park's reservoir. I'm down from 230 to 195 pounds in seven weeks. And of course I'm dieting. My raw diet has brown rice, no red meat or animal products besides fish. Nothing fits anymore. My wardrobe's a disaster. I'm using belts. I need to drop another eight pounds and then stay this way. It's not healthy to go up and down." It's not healthy inviting people to watch you kill yourself slowly either, but whatever gets you through the day. We'd be happy with a few of those card tricks, you know, or maybe if you made yourself disappear?