We know that the price of rent in Dublin has pretty much skyrocketed lately, but this might be going a bit far. 

In what must be one of the weirdest listing that we've ever seen on the popular rental website Daft.ie, there was a double bedroom listed for rent for just €290 in Harold's Cross, a fairly popular part of the city. 

While that should have raised a few eyebrows, the opening sentence of the advertisement should have also caused alarm bells to start ringing: "All my friends that I ran past the idea of what you're about to read told me it's crazy, weird and that it has no chance of success but I'm still going to do it, because...why not?".

Intrigued? So were we, and as it turns out, the advertiser was looking for a non-smoking lady (he was very clear about that) who would be living "in Dublin for a limited time only and would consider sharing this double bedroom, their body and life experience for the duration of their stay with a sexy,outspoken and laid-back gentleman" such as himself. Soak that sentence in for a minute. Good gravy. 

Anyway, for just €290 a month, all bills included, one lucky lady could live in the house with him, his 35-year old brother, a 26 year-old girl and a 22 year-old guy, all of whom are laid back, apparently. The bad news, if you were interested, is that Daft claim the room has been taken already, so you've missed the big chance you had. 

While this might seem a bit odd and further proof that people will do anything to save a few quid, we recently saw someone advertising a bed under the stairs in a house in Dublin for around the same price, so there's obviously plenty of demand. Can't imagine there's a lot of demand for living under the stairs at your own expense though, even Harry Potter didn't have to pay for that...