Billy Eichner is urging straight people to go see his new film - especially because there's a "lotta gay sex it in".

Billy on the Street is back for a very special edition, and Paul Rudd has once again been roped into running around and shouting at people in New York City - but this time around he's not the main topic of discussion (unlike his last time on the segment).

Rudd joins comedian Billy Eichner to promote the host's brand new movie 'Bros', which is *checks the year* the very first gay rom-com from a major production studio (Universal).

Eichner drafted in "famous and beloved straight man" Rudd to help spread the word about his upcoming feature, hoping that the 'I Love You, Man' and 'Ant-Man' star will help drum up some interest from all of the straight people out there. And as you can see in the video below, the tactic had varying levels of results. Side note: how are all of these people so calm meeting Paul Rudd?

Changing tactics, Eichner then enlists the help of "a pack of wild lesbians" to help him, which surprisingly works better than having the Marvel star by his side.

Here's how the Billy on the Street Paul Rudd and lesbian madness went down.

Starring Billy Eichner, who also co-wrote the script, 'Bros' is directed by Nicholas Stoller ('Bad Neighbours') and produced by Judd Apatow ('This Is 40', 'Knocked Up'). Eichner, known for his roles in 'Parks and Recreation' and 'American Horror Story' also executive produced the film.

Luke Macfarlane, Kristin Chenoweth, Jim Rash, Kenan Thompson, Debra Messing, Amy Schumer, Harvey Fierstein, and Bowen Yang star in the film, which will be about: "Two gay men maybe, possibly, probably, stumbling towards love. Maybe. They're both very busy."

'Bros' will be released in Ireland on October 28.