The coveted hosting spot has been given to some talented actors, comedians and musicians in the past. Some do better than others and some really struggle - we're looking at you Bieber. So it can be a daunting task for a first timer.

Luckily for Eilish, she did a fairly OK job, even if the returning Kate McKinnon wasn't particularly on form.

The 'Bad Guy' singer started proceedings with her monologue, explaining she was dressed like "Mrs Claus going to the club", while wearing a giant, poofy outfit. She also explained that the reason she dresses in baggy clothes is because she's "actually two kids stacked on top of each other trying to sneak into an R-rated movie."

In probably her best scene, Eilish stars in a Christmas ad where she sees and old woman (McKinnon) through the window across the street. Sitting at a table staring at a picture of her deceased husband, the woman instantly breaks Eilish's heart and she asks her to spend Christmas with her family through writing on a notepad. Things take a turn though, and all is not what it seems in the old woman's apartment.

Another decent entry stars the two once again as "Desk Ladies" at a budget hotel. McKinnon makes Eilish break character on multiple occasions with her creepy rendition of a receptionist but it adds to the charm of the bit rather than take away from it.

All in all, it wasn't a bad first time for Eilish. There were some clunkers but that's to be expected on SNL, which a lot of people will argue is in the depths of a pretty miserable era for talent on the show.

Eilish's musical performances were where she was obviously more comfortable and she sang some impressive numbers to even out her skit performances.

Next week's season finale will round out a decent season, seen as a bit of an uptick in quality in recent years.

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