Wetherspoons pubs - they are quite the enigma.

Having begun to infiltrate the Irish pub scene, JD Wetherspoon is an experience you have to live to really appreciate. Playing no music, groovy interior design, cheap pints, and an app you can order drinks from - it can be a life-changing experience for some. And yeah, Billie Eilish doesn't understand the concept either.

In a recent radio interview with Capital Fm in London, the 'No Time To Die' singer had a chat with radio host Jimmy Hill about everything from what she does in her time off, her appreciation for Lizzo, and of course, being nabbed for the next Bond theme song. She also named who her pick for next Bond would be - naming Michael B. Jordan as her number one choice.

The 18-year-old then turned her attention to the concept of Wetherspoons, and said that the pub was described to her as: "A doctor's waiting room, mixed with a restaurant, mixed with a pub."

After host Hill offers to take her to a branch of the pub on her next visit to London, she begins to take the piss out of the British accent - and it's a fairly bang-on impression.

Here's the snippet of Billie Eilish ripping the piss out of British people, which was saved for the very end of the interview.