Anyone else been half-watching the reruns of The Biggest Loser on TV3 of a Saturday morning? As it turns out, the black team's trainer, Angie Dowds, reportedly "fell" or "jumped" off Beachy Head on Sunday.

A police spokesperson said: "Just after 4.30pm on Sunday members of the public reported that a woman was seen to jump or fall from the top of cliffs at Beachy Head. Coastguards found the body of a woman at the foot of the cliffs about an hour later. There are no suspicious circumstances and it is believed that the body may be that of a 42-year-old from London."

According to The Sun: "Angie was born in Canada but came to the UK with her hippy moth-er when she was four. When her mum remarried and moved to Wales she found herself surrounded by drink, drugs and violence. By 13 she was drinking and taking drugs. She left home at 15 and moved to London... Then came fame on The Biggest Loser where she was a personal trainer alongside Richard Callender. A year after the show began, in 2006, Angie was voted Personal Trainer of the Year at the International Fitness Showcase Awards. By then she appeared to have won her battle with drink and drugs. She said later: 'Getting industry recognition felt fantastic. Ten years ago I said to myself, 'I want to be the best at whatever it is I end up doing'. I've always had that inside me.' But in February, Angie was temporarily axed from The Biggest Loser after admitting she had told her team of dieters to cheat by eating just nuts and apples before their weigh-in. She was allowed to return for the final episode."

A show insider said: "We have been made aware of the incident. Everyone involved in The Biggest Loser is devastated by what appears to have happened. Our thoughts and prayers go to her family and friends at this time."