Well whaddaya know. There's a fair few talented feckers roaming the corridors of entertainment.ie towers but we didn't know we had someone quite as special on our hands as our good friend Paul. Who's Paul you say? Those of you familiar with the Burlesque scene are more likely to know him by his moniker BigChief RandomChaos. Web design whizz by day, twisted performer by night, BigChief takes home one of the most highly coveted accolades to be had at Chaz Royal's World Burlesque Games: The twisted Crown. Congratulations!

Now that's one for the Irish so let's get behind Ms. Harlot DeVille, the other Irish representative at the festival, who takes her scintilating show to the stage on Saturday and make it a double Irish win!

We caught up with both BigChief and Harlot before they headed off to chat about the significance of Burlesque, what separates their performances from the rest and what they could expect from this year's festival. You can read that interview over yonder.