In case you've managed to avoid Channel 4 for the past two weeks and therefore the geordie's helpful "tewww daaays te goo" type countdown which has been filling ad breaks... the slurry for the eyes fest commences tomorrow. Last year, I was subjected to watching it and thus spewed reams of insipid details on a near daily basis. It's no embellishment to say it nearly killed me. And it's only a matter of time before the powers that be suggest I repeat the experience.

Hence this poll, of sorts. If you would like a daily update, riddled with spittled rage followed shortly by my resignation, please leave a comment below as to why. Alternatively, if you'd rather I largely blanked it, please leave a comment to that effect. Your comments (if any - in which case that'll be me off the hook) will be compiled tomorrow afternoon and my fate will be decided. Be kind - to me and you. We should be out there living (weather permitting) instead of enduring this dross.

For those of you who still give a toss after 9 loooong series - here's what the house looks like this year. Two words come to mind - namely "MINE" and "EYES!!" There's a stupendously tacky bathroom. A very pointy kitchen. A sitting room / dining area. A plush bedroom and a rudimentary one - eight beds in each (that means sixteen muppets). A miniature pool. Oh, and a jail furnished with decapitated doll heads for when they misbehave. At last - they're putting the monkeys behind bars.