Big Brother is over, Yahoooo *pulls a party popper*. After eleven traumatising years, finally the show that kicked started reality television came to an end. Granted the first three years were ok, but after that is was car crash telly. So, Big Brother 11 was the last time normal folk were forced to spend a horrendous number of days cooped up in a made up gaf. Then, for two weeks a number of previous housemates and celebrity housemates battled it out to become the Ultimate Housemate and our own Brian Dowling was given the crown. Last night saw the wrap party for the final series and the sights are all so familiar. As in previous years, the housemates arrived and left wearing next to nothing and  had drunken fumbles or wrestling matches in front of the waiting papps. Classy people. You can see how mature previous contestants are now compared to the new kids on the block.

Nearly all the housemates attended the bash at Grace Bar in London. Have a goo at winner Josie Gibson and her clinger/ boyfriend John James, a fame hungry Ben Duncan, Beyonce lookalike Rachael White, ex-soldier Steve Gill, Sunshine, aka Yvette Martyn (who forgot to change out of her negligees), Jo Butler and Mario Mugan (are they a couple?), Ife Kuku, Nathan Dunn and Samuel Pepper, Corin Forshaw, who insisted on informing the world she had little or no undies on. You can also see Shabby and Caoimhe 'getting it on'. Oh aren't they funny. On that note, while sitting with a group of friends at Electric Picnic at their tent, they informed me Caoimhe had set up camp right behind them and just as the words fell out, so did she from her tent. Although she wasn't in any mood apparently for saying hello as she snubbed a sarcastic wave from my friend and huffed herself off in the direction of the main stage. Too important obviously....

Unlike the new-bees, Nikki Graham, Brian Dowling, Nick Bateman and Preston remained composed, while Coolio looked shorter then usual and surrounded himself with two burds. What has happened to Coolio lately, he used to be, well, cool. Now he looks like he's wasted 24/7.

-Alicia Coyle