Hi Kellier *waves*

Honestly, I've stopped watching. OK, that's a bit of a lie, it's on in the background while I'm pottering about the apartment getting ready for the bed (ignoring things that seriously need a dusting) but I've kind of lost interest in it...

The production team blatantly want Dane Bowers to win. He started off as wallpaper. Then suddenly, thanks to that friggin' tree, they've made him three dimensional. Who can blame them, they obviously want an element of surprise as to who the winner might be. Everyone and their ma started off thinking Vinnie was the clear victor... that is until he proved himself to be a textbook manipulator.

1: He keeps banging on about all the cooking and cleaning he does for everyone, which nobody asked him to do in the first place, but they're now inadvertently indebted to him in some way. 2: He not so subtly undermines everyone. Prime example was last night when he informed Alex that the only reason he was still in the house was 'cause he gives him the time of day. 3: He makes a select few feel "special". Last week, in a conversation with Steph, he announced it was too easy to manipulate the other housemates, before suddenly choosing her to be the privileged recipient of a secret he'd not told anyone else in the house: "My wife's had a heart transplant." "Oh good Lord, when?" "22 years ago." "... Oh. How extraordinary." What the f*** was all that about?! And as for him insisting that Big Brother remove Sisqo for breaking "rule six" (something about not threatening/slandering other housemates) after he pointed out "This is Vinnie Jones's play house"... Then to say, when asked by Big Brother to precisely point out the slanderous remarks, "I shall only repeat them to my solicitor." Pathetic. Here's a cot with some sh*t in it for you to throw about the place.

Who should win? Probably Jonas or Ivana. They're the only two who haven't been in anyway two faced.

Who would I like to win? Still Stephanie. She's a trifle pass remarkable, but classy with it.

Who will win? Dane Bowers (can you believe he went out with Jordan for two and a half years?!)

As for Alex and Nicola? Standard "nice but dim" sorts who are "thick" for the sake of it - and in possession of some serious boundary issues. They should therefore be gagged for the remainder of their respective existences. I don't care that you've never had a sex toy up your jacksie woman, and please refrain from squeezing Alex's back pustules, it's revolting.

As I said, hardly been watching it at all *whistles*