I know that there has been a lack of Big Brother related stories since the series started, but I just can't resist talking about the newest housemate, Isaac Stout. Let's just recap on what happened last night for those of you that have better things to do with your time:

The housemates gathered around the kitchen table to hear the results of this week's shopping task (said task involved re-enacting two music videos from Take That and Girls Aloud). As Big Bro told them that the public had failed them on their "music videos" there were a number of "why do you hate us?" cries and "ah for f**k sake" outbursts and so on. But, then the doorbell rang and everyone rushed to see who was on the other side. A male delivery boy stood with a basket full of fish and chips. This young man was Noirin's ex Isaac, mwah ha ha.

Now since arriving in the house, Noirin has been boy hopping and well, leading a few of them on, if we're being frank. First there was Sree who was like a whining puppy constantly looking for a biscuit. Then she turned her attentions to Marcus, aka Wolverine, who said he would make it his mission to get her, no matter how long she resisted. Finally then, behind Marcus's back, she and Siavash kissed and became a couple... sort of. With Isaac's *drools over keyboard* entry, it took all of oooh, 30 seconds, for her turn her heels and pledge her love to her ex. Leaving Siavash walking around in a complete daze.

*looks puzzled* What the hell!? That's not normal. It's like something out of Falcon's Crest - reality check woman. With eviction night tonight, Noirin and Marcus go head-to-head. This could be her safety card to stay in, as the public might want to see how things unfold in this fledging love triangle. On the other hand, she could be hated so much that the voting public want her out, but leave the eye candy in and see how he fairs out with the others.

You decide!

-Alicia Coyle