Several outlets, namely The Sun, The Superficial and The Mirror are harping on about the Bieber "groping" or "humping" his wax self upon meeting it in London. I doubt he's groping it, really, not with his ma there (although she might be into it, who knows). He was probably just trying to lift it up to see what his 14-year-old self weighed, cause that's how DATED this oversized hairy candle looks.

It obviously takes Madame Tussauds a very long time to capture someone's likeness, but - given the state of this yoke - about three years?! OK, if they weren't going to add a few inches and beef out the face a bit, not to mention friendly up the "I could piddle on you from here" stare, they could've at least given it the haircut he got a few weeks back.

Maybe they did things differently in New York? Nope. In fact, they've made him shorter. That's the only reasonable explanation as to why he has couple of tweens near towering over him.