You would think there are more extravagant ways to celebrate your birthday when you're rich and famous, but it turns out that Justin Bieber is just like the rest of us and ended his preliminary birthday celebrations with a kebab at 6am this morning. Well he needs something to set him up for his big day today, may as well be some shawarma.

Justin only arrived back at his hotel after his concert last night at 3am, for some reason completely shirtless even though it's bloody freezing out, and ran in for a quick costume change before hitting the town for some more celebrating with the same pack of London girls that he's been partying with all week, including Ella-Paige Roberts Clark and the girl seen doing the walk of shame yesterday. Maybe she's hoping for two in a row.

Anyway, Justin and his harem headed to a private members club until the early hours after Bieber turned 19 at the stroke of midnight, and once they were done socialising they hit up an old reliable kebab shop at 5am. Nothing says 19 like dirty food at sunrise now does it. Slice of real life for the Beebs. Bless. We assume that he's currently sleeping the night off before celebrating the big day properly with a circus themed party later.

Apparently he wants to mark the occasion in style so has arranged a big bash in London this evening which features clowns and a ringmaster, with a budget of £10k to splash on the one night. Someone from Team Beebs told the Daily Mirror 'Justin wants to celebrate in style and he loves clubbing in London. It's no accident that there's a break in his UK tour which coincides with his birthday. He's been looking for the perfect venue and finally settled on Cirque Du Soir as he loves the kitsch theme. The venue is all ready for him, with clowns, goblins, aerial acts and some fire-eaters.' Perfect for any coulrophobics then.