The latest rumour flying about over Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's breakup is that it all ended due to an affair between the Beebs and Rihanna of all people, or at least so claims Life & Style Magazine.

They're alleging that Selena only found out in December about the supposed affair, which apparently happened way back in February 2011 which was 'devastating' to poor Gomez and 'cut like a knife' because that's when they were 'falling in love'. All this info is coming from a 'friend' of course, who knows so many details of the affair that we should just blindly trust them, no? They also said that the affair was continuing during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last November, with the pair fleeing back to their entirely booked off floor in the Hotel Giraffe to do the nasty. Please. Are we really supposed to swallow this one?

First things first, this is clearly BS. Bieber is completely not Rihanna's style. Not in the slightest. She'd eat the little twerp alive before he'd get a chance at any shenanigans. Plus he's the same age as her little brother, so we think and hope she'd know better. And secondly? If the supposed affair and dates are true, that would make Beiber sixteen at the time of it happening which, you know, would make Rihanna a felony offender. Well at least then she'd have something in common with Chris Brown. And anyway, Bieber is far too busy wearing the face off mannequins to have a shot with a girl like RiRi.